Urban Tree Cover and Air Quality Planning 


This website is linked to a project designed to foster the dialogue about tree canopy expansion as an air quality improvement strategy. It contains information about innovative strategies that use tree planting to address urban air quality issues and build healthier communities. On this website are documents critical to understanding 1) the link between trees and air quality and 2) the state air quality planning process.

Urban air quality is a growing concern. Almost half of all Americans live in areas that do not meet the national health-based air quality standards. In an increasing number of cities, the ambient air contains enough pollutants to affect residents' health. Exposure to ground level ozone (smog) and particle pollution has been tied to rising rates of heart disease, lung cancer, and childhood asthma.

Canopy expansion and strategic tree planting are being proposed as strategies to improve urban air quality and meet clean air standards. What does this mean? How can this change the cities where we live and work?

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